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Carols in the wet

White christmases replaced with wet ones
Puddings and belly fulls
She’s reading this and she’s smiling
Butterflies in foreign countries
Conquest and monuments
Spend that time and bond with her roots
Thinking of reindeers and flying sleds
Make a wish baby, santa will make it all come true.


She smiled

The sparkling in her eyes
Like stars set in irises
Andromeda and Pegasus
Dare to boast further or be Persius?
A gift and a gift, in mine eyes at least
Savour her behold and regard
Time stood still

Pausing Time

Desires set to modes on digress
Reminiscing’s the only tradable currency worth noting
The letters in my words seem to lack sense
Ask me and I shan’t define it
In the clouds looking down we still coasting
Bliss still has a new meaning
Reversing time, the option not availed
Going higher but the parachute not included
Who will catch us when we fall?
Is falling still even an option
Gravity’s defied and the old laws don’t apply
Everything’s adjusted to suit
Readjust your halo my angel

Cafe Rendezvous

Smiles in spring over coffee beans

Hands held over counter tops

Memories and mochachinos

Timeless and free

All Sweet and creamy

Chapter 1

Parting my bitter sorrow. Never have i met anything so unique yet so familiar. To torment more than just my eyes, or was it all in my mind. Our brief rendezvous may have just been that, but what is forever when time didn’t stand still. What is by design or when the stars align. What the gods decide is what passes. That which is forged from stone cannot be undone.Futures and past presents, destiny is what awaits.

A writers work on an ego. The slow and slow.

St Ignorance my blissful promenade
Star gazing in the bask of ambiguity
The freedom of the mindless
Free to explore the dreary
Oh my life my life
One without wisdom or malice
No wonder no rabbit no alice
There is no hole no hope
For I am non bothered by either
For without neither my life is procrastination
My life still is
The alter ego

Digital Hearts

Smiley emoticons
Electronic kisses
Alter ego handles
Avatars in sandals
Photoshop and scandals
A poke and a wink
You follow me
I follow you
The inevitable swoon
Throw caution to the moon
Join me on this pontoon

I told a lie but my intention was good. The delayed disappointment my final motive. Emotive no reasoning. The result was more and more emotion. Then the thought kicks in. By then shes hurt. He’s an idiot and he’s an idiot again. I told a lie but my intention was good. A good lie for all the good reasons. But shes hurt. My play was cold and now i fix you.

Switch On

Switch on the light
Step out the darkness
A fresh breath of reality
Take out the scissors
Cut me a new life lease
Take back yesterday
The future is yet to go
Send me out into the open
Add my wings teach me to fly


I have decided for my life to have some semblance in course that I remove myself from your regard.
The time spent the added flashbacks in memory that seem to rewind themselves with constant playback.
I am minus the usual stop or pause button my minds a puppet at best.
The problem for the mathematician that remains unsolved yet still.
The combination of science and letters chemistry in a lovers note that never delivered.
Solace and solitude in knowing you still breath and your heart still beats.
The distant glimmer of life at a distance too far to reach but offer hope yet still.


Seconds tick away
My life moves ablazay
A heart coasting in the sea
Emotion with davey jones
Time is just time
Ticks and tocks
Really…who needs clocks


Gravity pulled you down. Your the apple in my lap. The sin i am more than wiling to partake. Consequence follows the thrill. Ive never been cautious in my quest. Explore to the edge of the universe. Lets make this intergalactic. Earthly beings transforming into gods. Zeus i would sit aside. You would be my bride. Stolen from another king. A measure of strength. The only thing love is attracted to. The sin i am more than willing to partake. The consequence after the thrill. The heart chose and the mind lost. Lets make this intergalactic.

Let go

Slow in your progress
Stop think digress
Too much thought
Too much mind
Just let go and be
Just let go


I wandered into your daydream
Fell into the slip stream
Right intentioned pulled you close
A laugh a smile we turned to bliss
Hurt your heart bruised your soul
Opposites that attracted
No longer being cos we subtracted
My iced emotional presence
The wall I built today I’m in Berlin
Bring back the heat take me to Bern
Pay it forward just say the word
Put in work tomorrow you I will reearn

Undisclosed Desires

Undisclosed Desires

Confessions in black and white. My forbidden day dreams at times they haunt me at night. Fantasies of you at dawn as I awake and yawn. Your the vision in my dreams a recuring one it seems. Reality! I wish for you to come true. Reawake my senses and remind me of yesterday. Remind me once again the smell of your scent and feel of your skin. The aura that surrounds everywhere you been. Remind me of when we almost touched but didn’t. Remind me how i needed you to stop fighting but not give in. Oh how I wish I could disclose all this in whispers instead of screams. Just stay awake and not look forward to my dreams. I’m just glad you have a smile to die and wake up for.

Rose Noir

Almost impossible to find she’s the symbol that is pure love. A petaled rebirth of a former thorn that used to be now the opposite. Signifying uniqueness and a radiance unparalleled by no other. Yet some see her as dark and bleak but I differ thats why I speak. With the hope that my words will be the ones that make her bloom. Reach out for the skyline and scream out as though she touched the moon. But words is all they are by definition because her design surpasses anything I could ever say, encouragement I could ever bring. She’s strong even when the howling wind makes her sway. She’s weathered the storm and come out the other side. I find beauty in her simplicity, inspiration in her everlasting, she makes me draw appeal. Very few understand her make up, the potted difference that surrounds her. A world that requires more just like her. She makes me want to peel off her layers and delve deeper into her core. But for now i’d like to just sit here in awe and stare at her. For I know there’s more days of bloom to come and petal by petal, my days they remain scented.

Thoughts to Self

As I dwell to not dwell I find myself proscrastinating on what could have been rather than what will be. The journey of a thousand thoughts. The imaginations of imaginings I’m back to square one never really moved an inch but I’ve been as far as my mind can take me.

I thought about you today
A lil more than I would
And I wondered if I should
Pictured all the things I could
But I guess it’s just the distance inbetween
It’ll make you stop and pause for a moment

My love

With eyes the window to the soul. I’ve got yours and you’ve got mine. I see you and you see me. I possess your heart and you own mine. My equivalent and my soulmate. Mellifluously interwined, I made you feel different. Patience is just a matter of time.

Fighting Temptation

You taste his lips he taste yours
A familiar flavour to your palate
The adrenaline to you he’s a rush
Like the poison in a serpent’s viens
Intoxication you afraid of but the high u need
You beg him stop but inside u scream don’t
This road leads to only one destination
The hotel heartbreak the deluxe suite
Dripping champagne bottles like the pleasure off your axis
A potent cocktail of selfish greed and human need
A fight you lost the second you stepped in the ring
Guilt was never a part of this menu

Fighting your existence on a daily
It’s too current too vivid too early
Breaking free is like a leap of faith
Straight into the unknown
You can’t speak your heart screams
You need him he needs you
The guilty conscious the strangle hold
Tugging between right and whose right
The borderline to your pursuit
Will you find he who that suits
Or maybe you already have
Admittance is like a pass
Are you in the bleechers
Or are you in the box
You choose!

Self Conscious

You look at pounds the years have added to your figure
The third love handle in a week you need a suitor
Reminisce on days gone by the sizes before you sigh
A glance in the mirror am I the same you ask
The mirror lets u see what you want when to take it to task
Bright and shiny inside you are
A spectacle of the greatest sorts
The voltari need not see or you’ll be done for
Instead your the mirror and it’s looking at you
Wishing it shed the pounds and speckled like you do
Now whose self conscious I wonder

Time and Piece

A masterpiece of time and piece
A wet pleasure on a white sheet
Parting lips reveal more than just one fantasy
Conjure more than one fear and devour a legacy
A deep caress of the most tender nature to pause time
Unlocking and revealing hightened notes of fluttery
In flight turbulence a guaranteed plus
Arrivals at destinations without borders or check in points
The ride of your life your chasing the very first high

curious tingle

Hello curiosity
Communication my form of touch
I struck a cord in your ear drum
Added an extra high note to your heartbeat
Divided the distance in between us
Multiplied the words in our conversation
Remote controlled your goose bumps
Rewound your mind and played it back to you
I wanna take the future make it the present
Take the past and leave as it is
Turn curiosity into something more
Steal the smile off your lips and turn it into my sunshine
Then borrow a second from your day and replace it with my forever